About Teriyaki Pudding

It all started when my husband and I were talking about the future. Some day we would be sitting on the front porch of a nursing home rocking in our chairs together, and we would be eating pudding! What kind of pudding, you ask? Teriyaki pudding! My husband thought it was a real thing! He meant tapioca, but I never let go of teriyaki pudding! It became our inside joke about growing old together. It also made us realize we had to work to get there. We chose to embrace simple wellness. I’ve named my blog Teriyaki Pudding, because it encompasses our life together. Here you will find posts about building and keeping strong relationships, healthy living tips and recipes, and beauty and fitness to live a fuller life!

family photo of teriyaki pudding
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About the Blogger

Hello! I’m Jenny. I started this blog to help spread awareness and knowledge on my philosophy of simple wellness. This just means living as well as you can as simply as you can! I have and still do face many health issues. Over the years, I have researched and found what works best!┬áRead on to find out more. You can start here.